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Four smaller areas were located above the level of the gowd\ the most elevated one was reserved for the morshid (the athletic leader) and his drum; the second space provided a place for the athletes to dress, the spectators sat in the third location, and the fourth was used for storage.In one way or another all members of the community supported the zurkhana. 86 Preparation of High School Teachers 87 Preparation of Elementary School Teachers ...6 For added information on the role of the zurkbana in traditional Iranian society see the author's article, "The Role of the Zurkbana (House of Strength) in Nineteenth Century Urban Communities in Iran" in Der Islam, No. The goivd, generally hexagonal or octagonal in shape, covered 9 to 25 square meters in area and accommodated twelve to eighteen athletes comfortably.

The youth acquired skill through his own mistakes and the frowns of the master.

Some became outstanding ath- letes, a few of whom received recognition from the king.

All gained prestige for their participation in religious and national ceremonies, and the morshid himself was a respected citizen.

TO THE PEOPLE OF IRAN TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Preface . 20 The University of Tehran 25 The Preparation of Civil Servants Abroad .... 5 PHYSICAL EDUCATION Education in medieval Persian society also stressed physical training.

No part of this book may be reproduced or trans- lated In any jorm t bj print, photoprint, microfilm or any other means ivtihout written permission from the publisher. Some youths preferred to stay on with the master and eventually manage his shop.

7 A young man might joia the zurkhana while still in his teens and through a series of hierarchial steps he could eventually become a local or even national hero.

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