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Saw the bottle on the shelf lining up with other perfumes and I would picked other perfumes and try it on the blotter paper, but I was never attracted to this like hundred times.I knew how it smells, but thats only because I sniffed it once or twice before and never attracted to it since then. This perfume is one of those perfume that reveal its magic only on skin.this and Glow by Jennifer Lopez are my favorite youthful rose scents. I cannot stand any Chloe perfumes, they are all sharp and screechy. (Chloe Roses is almost ok.) I don't okay with this perfume, I love the litchi in other perfume. Give it a moment--the layers in this fragrance seem to open gently and literally melts into my skin.I find that rose can be heavy and matronly in many fragrances and unwearable for me even though I adore rose.. At work I find him very, very perfect, He has the same smell from beginning to end, I can not feel and not think of a very elegant and tasteful woman, nice and kind. Sharp white flowers cutting through the air like a knife, stabbing me in the gut and creating instant nausea. But this perfume the litchi smells very sour on my skin, and it takes long time for the litchi to fade away, if this perfume doesn't have a litchi, it would be better for me! Let me just say, I love white florals, but most are very sweet with little depth.It smells really gorgeous and as far as I can recalled this perfume was never that beautiful when I sniffed it on the bottle like last time. I was scared if my skin chemistry couldn't match well with this perfume and I'm scared I wouldn't reach or achiece the same gorgeous effect scent like the lady I smelled at the restaurant.

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With this, I just created a hashtag caption for myself.You can smell it on others miles away and it's very distinct and unmistakable.