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For instance, in the date AD 2001, the prefix "AD" stands for "Anno Domini" which is Latin for "the year of our Lord." Similarly, in the date 500 BC, the suffix "BC" stands for "Before Christ." In sixth century Europe, the concept of "zero" was still unknown.

Whenever your dating don't let the sadness get the best of you you deserve happiness and so does the person you choose to date.Tinder is a powerful tool to meet people, expand your social group, meet locals when you’re traveling and find people you otherwise never would have met.

You can start using these groups by simply building an online personal account and selecting a name for yourself which you want to use to chat with other people.… continue reading »

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- Create your own unique sound: easily combine samples from different music genres - You are the producer: record live with a perfect mixdown on the 8-channel mixer- Access thousands of studio-quality loops from beats and vocals to synth leads and bass lines- Be creative with easy controls: adjust tempo and harmonies, edit song parts and play with spectacular real-time effects- Remix tracks by shaking your device- Record your own vocals- Share your tracks directly to Sound Cloud, Facebook, Whats App and other social networks.- Join our music community and connect with friends, artists, influencers, fans, followers, DJs, producers and more.… continue reading »

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