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In a similar way to that in which Chief Hendrik ' Hennie' van Wyk has more recently come to assert his identity as a Khoisan leader, Khoisan identity in a wider sense has undergone a revival in recent years, most notably since the end of apartheid in 1994.

Nevertheless, the issue of Khoisan recognition as an indigenous population of South Africa is at present far from resolved, and the wider question of Khoisan identity remains contentious.

The EWS-operated freight train hauling twenty empty bogie hopper wagons was coming from London on the Down Relief line, and had been signalled to cross Southall East Junction on its way into Southall Yard, south of the main lines. The HST was travelling at 125 miles per hour (201 km/h), and could not stop in time even under emergency braking.

Alan Bricker, the driver of EWS locomotive 59101, observed the approaching HST and expected it to stop, but was alarmed by its speed and apparent brake application.

The train was fitted with ATP but this was switched off.Sign up today, and we will help you find your dream partner. our new cross multi-platform app.Download now from the Apple App Store ( or from Google Play Store ( To find out more about our revolutionary apps, click here (https:// for our events at : Check our past events : Past Events ( to help discerning Indian singles in the UK find meaningful relationships.He tried to accelerate his train out of the path of the HST, but was unsuccessful.

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The later accident report found that: If the AWS equipment on the HST passenger train had been working, the chance of the accident occurring would have been highly unlikely, though not completely eliminated, since the AWS is only an advisory system.The driver's attention had been distracted and he did not see the preceding signals, but AWS would have given him a clear audible warning that the signals were displaying cautionary aspects and that he should start braking.