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Two years later, the county council areas were amalgamated, forming Skåne Regional Council (Region Skåne), responsible mainly for public healthcare, public transport and regional planning and culture.

When Charles X Gustav of Sweden suddenly died in 1660 a coat of arms had to be created for the newly acquired province, as each province was to be represented by its arms at his royal funeral.

To distinguish it from the city's coat of arms the tinctures were changed and the official blazon for the provincial arms is, in English: Or, a griffin's head erased gules, crowned azure and armed azure, when it should be armed.

The province was divided in two administrative counties 1719–1996.

The western part, along the coast of the Øresund, is by far the most populated part with a population density of close to 300 inh/km Scania is the only Swedish province for which exonyms are still widely used in many languages, e.g.

French Scanie, Dutch and German Schonen, Polish Skania, Spanish Escania, Italian Scania, etc.

The responsibility for overseeing implementation of the Swedish government's policy in the county is administered by the County Administrative Board.

When the first local government acts took effect in 1863, each county also got an elected county council (landsting).The counties were further divided into municipalities.The local government reform of 1952 reduced the number of municipalities, and a second subdivision reform, carried out between 19, established today's 33 municipalities) in Scania.In 1997 the two counties were merged, and Skåne County has approximately the same boundaries as the province.

For the pre-1997 counties see map to the right, which also outlines the still valid municipal limits.Coats of arms were created for these entities, also using the griffin motif.

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