Most intimidating movie characters

25-Dec-2017 04:37

We know this character’s height due to internal drawing guidelines, several series of trading cards, and fan guides published by Marvel. He’s nearly the height of Wolverine, and makes Colossus look like a shrimp.

Also Ranked #18 on The Top Marvel Comics Superheroes #7 on X-Men Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movie #25 on The Best Comic Book Superheroes of All Time #10 on The Best Teenage Superheroes The Juggernaut is known for being unstoppable, and his name is synonymous with gigantic monstrosities. It must cost a fortune to get those red spandex suits tailored.

Seeing all of the havoc he will wreak on Gotham in the upcoming movie encouraged us to dig deeper.

Below, check out 14 guys — and one girl — whose naked scalps have scared and intimidated us for years.

She should also be better known for her ability to tower over Grayson and most other Titans at an impressive 6’4”.When you see the heights of these fictional charactes, you’ll never look at that character the same ever again.

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