Gendering the self in online dating discourse markers stephanie gatschet dating

05-Jun-2017 06:14

Several dating apps offer more quality content filtering and tools to help block and prevent problematic or abusive comments and communication features that allow women more control of their online experience.For example, once two users have mutually indicated interest in each other, Bumble (a dating app similar to the Tinder platform) requires that the woman initiate communication.Recent research by the Consumers Research (2016) provides compelling evidence regarding the prevalence of violence linked to the use of dating apps.Being a woman or other marginalized gender on online dating apps exposes communities to specific and targeted online misogyny that far exceeds mere impoliteness or disrespect.As has been reported in the media (Geuss, 2015), we have heard from local youth that some high school aged boys are gaining social status and income through the compiling and selling of online collections of intimate photos of young women accessible only to peers.

Young people want us to know that contrary to the idea that cyberviolence facilitated by dating apps is less harmful than physical violence, the social and emotional harm caused by online violence is real and substantial, and can lead to further, physical harm.

A former dating app moderator that we spoke to reported that she witnessed a male dating app user admit to molesting a minor, but the dating app platform had no tools to flag or respond to the issue.

Racialized youth we interact with note that dating apps’ marketing often showcases images of happy, White, heterosexual couples with little diversity.

Instagram accounts like @byefelipe and @feminist_tinder (now deactivated) that are based in the US/Australia have been documenting instances of men turning aggressive, abusive and threatening when faced with rejection or disinterest from women on dating apps.

According to a recent Pew Research Centre Survey among the options presented: Tinder, Ok Cupid, Grindr, Match and e Harmony, Tindr and Ok Cupid are the most popular digital matchmakers.In the world of online dating young women and gender variant folks are one swipe away from experiencing online gender-based violence.

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