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Composition is incredibly powerful, allowing us to stitch together reusable pieces of functionality to ‘compose’ a larger application....“Note: earlier players in the JS framework game (Dojo, YUI, Ext JS) touted composition strongly and it’s been around forever but it’s taken us a while for most people to grok the true power of this model as broadly on the front-end.” Great read, even if you’re not a React user.Commentary is almost entirely from Eric Elliott’s original gist: a few summary descriptions were added for sites that omit capsule descriptions. This is a very exclusive collection of only must-have Java Script links. The really curious should feel free to browse the comments to find other links.I can't guarantee the quality of links in the comments.

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Callbacks are a dumb simple way for passing single values around asynchronously, and promises are a more refined solution to the same problem.A similar technique has existed in game development long before React: re-render the game screen in every game loop, but only update the minimum portion of the screen which changed compared to the previously rendered screen.” “Reactive programming is programming with asynchronous data streams. Event buses or your typical click events are really an asynchronous event stream, on which you can observe and do some side effects. You are able to create data streams of anything, not just from click and hover events.Streams are cheap and ubiquitous, anything can be a stream: variables, user inputs, properties, caches, data structures, etc.For example, imagine your Twitter feed would be a data stream in the same fashion that click events are. This is the beginning of a reactive programming bible.

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You can listen to that stream and react accordingly.” What is all this talk about reactive? “In the context of a computer program, reactivity is the process of receiving external stimuli and propagating events.Event emitters and streams allow asynchronous handling of multiple values.

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