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Small headwater streams with weak or ephemeral fluvial transport are recognized as colluvial channels [2].Mountain streams compared to low gradient rivers are likely to be less influenced by man affect regarding to their relative inaccessibility as same as impossibility to intensive water utilization.

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But we also welcome students from other institutions to promote exchange of ideas, give an inspiration, and enable comparison of the research work and initiate contacts between students and researchers. The topics presented at the workshop reflect a wide variety of problems solved at the Institute of Geonics.during the Quaternary period 141 Trávníček Jan Concept of cultural landscape in physical and human geography: origin, differences and misunderstanding 147 Vodová Libuše The Biogeographic Foundations for Developing of Ecological Network of the Brtnice Region 153 6 Complex geomorphological analysis of the Outer Western Carpathiens high gradient streams Introduction into the problematics Tomáš Galia 1 1 Univeristy of Ostrava Abstract This paper deals with the research of the high gradient streams located in Moravskoslezské Beskydy Mts., Podbeskydská pahorkatina Upland and Vsetínské vrchy Mts.There are evaluated channel reaches by several parameters (e.g.bedrock, bed formations, channel confinement by valley walls, channel gradient, influence of vegetation etc.) within selected mountain streams.

It is possible to reveal dependence of evaluated parameters by using statistical methods.

For the whole research community at the Institute of Geonics, the workshop gives a possibility to follow new results and progress in work of the Ph. The thematic blocks of lectures are as follows Geotechnics and mathematical modelling Geomorphology and geophysics Landscape and geoecology Physical geography Human geography Cartography, Earth remote sensing, geoinformatics As a part of the workshop, we invite some well known specialists in the covered fields.