Dating trust fund kid

25-Jun-2017 19:45

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And there is where his life takes an even bigger turn.

Omega Jay Collins lived a life of privilege until he was disowned by his stepfather.

Jay was sweet and strong, and gorgeous all the same. it had me on the edge of my seat wondering what was next.. i loved it and im glad i got to review it Alpha Luke Carter thought he had it all.

Luke was gorgeous, he wasn't pushy, he took things slow and I loved their relationship so much! The kind of bickering they did with Luke made me smile and giggle. He is a successful lawyer and has a boyfriend who is an artist.

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Bates did the slow reveal of Luke and Jay's history, which ramped up the anticipation as well as interest level, probably a key factor as to why I remained attuned to the contents rather than keeping an eye out for typos!Jay appealed as one of the protagonists, the beautiful, artistic and struggling omega to Luke, who is capable, career-oriented, gorgeous, as well as an adorable contradiction as an alpha who uses cookie-baking as stress-relief.