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29-Oct-2017 10:03

Blackberry users who don’t mind paying .99 can use the g Flash Pro app, which supports images in flashcard entries and has no ads, among other things.

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Another cool feature is the ability to switch to multiple choice mode, tap on at the bottom.

To learn most subjects, flashcards make great companions to refresh your memory every so often.

You might be used to making flashcards by hand, but considering how most people probably type faster, here’s one way to digitize your flashcards and review them on your laptop and smartphone with Google Docs and g Flash .

Nowadays credit card companies are luring in more people with exciting gift offers and cashback prizes.

But while it is a very useful and efficient system of payment, it is also dangerous and is very much capable of causing a financial risk.

The latter is available for i Phone or i Pod Touch [i Tunes link] and Now type all of your terms on one column (column A), and your definitions on the next column (column B).