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What if it wasn't Edward that Bella was destined for?What if there was someone else in the Cullen family in need of a mate? Rated M for Language, Lemons and Violence Harry Potter is screwed. The way in which we’re telling the year is the sixth year of the Third Hokage. Eternal Commitment- a short one shot of if Bella said "Yes, take me to Vegas, marry me, and bite me."Where the Dice Fall- the first story in which the entire plot unfolds differently because Yuuki doesn't hide the fact that Zero bit her, instead insisting that he switch to the Night Class. " Minato saves Kushina from being kidnapped and she focuses on his bare feet. A Dragon's True Power- Natsu sacrifices himself during the debacle of the Tower of Heaven, saving Erza and learning that there is more to his dragon slayer magic than he knew. Who better to teach him than Igneel, who he learned Dragon Slayer Magic from to begin with. I’ve had to arbitrarily pick and choose when these wars started and ended, and I did this based on which Hokage and other memorable characters were present during the war. is for your benefit, so you can roughly know what actually year it is, and so we can calculate during what year of each Hokage’s reign something happened. Seven Years of the Dragon-Natsu has the true powers of a dragon, and now he must learn to use them.

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So, in order to be realistic, the entirety of the war is not taking place in the span of a day.)For our purposes, the majority of the Konoha rookies are seventeen when the war ends in the prologue.

Fav Books: harry potter (duh : P especially 1,2, and 7), Divergent, The Legend of Eli Monpress!!! house of night series, the Mortal Instruments, bluebloods, ranger's apprentice, percy jackson, pendragon series, the 39 clues, gallagher girls, inheritance cycle, hunger games, maximum ride, etc. Serendipity Timeline Kaguya (old as dirt)Hagoromo(the sage) his brother(? K.-all of the parents are born-Sarutobi made Sandaime (34 A. In a world where only men can be shinobi, Sakura switches places with a brother to become the first Kunoichi in 1000 years.

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